Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 recap

here's some awesome dirt 2008 kicked at me, let me wipe it on you....

toured with Balthrop, Alabama, during which i got to do the following:
see the smokey mountains (AMAZING)
witness the insanity that is pigeon forge
smoke in Memphis
hear andrew vladeck read washington irving aloud
watch mike o laying about
meet awesome people
see awesome bands
hear lauren scream
a bunch of other stuff

play a sold out show a joe's pub
become better friends with jon
have an amazing time in VT
obtain not one, but two awesome new guitars
put a new ne'ers record out
have the most romantic getaways EVER with mo, to montauk
meet and work with jim smith
buy some amazing records
get more into flipper
read about witchcraft
play gigs to wonderful people
see hotchacha play

and a bunch of other stuff. i'll add to this later, but there's a basic idea...

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