Tuesday, November 4, 2008

6 something election night...

...whereupon i am struck with the urge to start showing people pictures of me as a young person. actually, i think i just want to see them for myself. see if there's a difference, if i look conspicuously older now. i feel sometimes like i have that wisened look an old dog gets when the wind blows past its nose, maybe just that we're both stubbly.
i'm not old, i know i'm not. i'm not suffering some "woah dude i'm 30 now i gotta get my act together" bologne, it's just that quitting smoking kinda left me feeling like i'd started something new in my life, or returned to something else. like i get to put the smoking person away now, like there was an angry smoking chris and now i can go back to normal.
it's obvious i'm blogging in lieu of a shrink, isn't it? sorry..
at any rate, quitting smoking, changing that thing in my life (and some other life changes of late) made me want to keep going. do something new.
of course, the sad part is i'm lazy. whoops!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today is day 4 of not smoking. I quit after 15 years, for my 30th birthday. So far the deprivation is hurting my muscles, playing with my head, and there's other things going on that may or may not be attributed to me getting sick as well (sinus weirdness? frequent urination?)
I dug around online today for some soup recipes, I'm pretty stoked about all that. Gonna make some vegetable stock tonight, that should make the house smell AWESOME.