Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Every once in a bluest of moons I get the notion to prattle on about something that's not music related... or is music related, but not related to music I'm making. And by prattle on, I mean blog. Thus far, my only bloggerly venues have been either the Ne'ers blog or the blog on my MySpace page. Neither venue seemed right for a web rant on such enriching subjects as where to get good donuts, or why Sarah Palin isn't as much fun as Dick Cheney but maybe more frightening, or remember Rent A Center? No, those pages seemed like they should be reserved for little dialogues from "Chris Buckridge: Artist" (big quotes, folks, big big quotes...)

All that is changed, bros and broettes.

Sadly, we'll have to kick things off more in depth at a later date, as I honestly have nothing to say. OH, except that Cleveland has the best bands. I saw Mystery of Two and Hotchacha play tonight, two of 5 great bands that played the Exit Stencil CMJ showcase at Spike Hill in Williamsburg. Both bands blew my mind, especially Hotchacha, who this was my first times seeing. i'll have some pics to post later.